Buy Super Testobol 600mg/ml C4 Pharma Steroids




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C4-Pharma Super Testobol 600 a special STRONG blend of the following:

Testosterone Enanthate 250mg

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

Testosterone Propionate 100mg

1ml contains 600mg of the above

Its advisable to mix 1ml of C4 Test 600 with another compound such as Deca or Eq to eliminate any PIP or discomfort! As this C4 is dosed accurately and you should not  be injecting 600mg plus in one site!!! (You have been warned) 

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Buy Super Testobol 600mg/ml C4 Pharma Steroids

Buy Super Testobol 600mg/ml C4 Pharma Steroids

About C4 Pharmaceuticals

C4 Pharmaceuticals provide quality generic medicines to areas of our world that in need, have a high demand for healthcare assistance, but are restricted by harsh constraints on brand access due to stringent western regulations and expensive pricing structures. C4 Pharmaceuticals offer a broad portfolio of medicines seeking to give maximum benefit to patients in terms of Quality, Efficacious and economical medicine products.

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