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In the History books you will find that Dianabol was the second ever man made Anabolic Steroid to be produced. Testosterone was the first back in the early 1900s and then exploited by all, including the Nazis in World War 2, trying to deliver a superior soldier.

Commonly know as Dbol, this steroid originates from the trade name Methandrostenolone. Unusually Dbol can have a tendency to highly anabolic whilst at the same time be moderately low on the androgenic side. The result of this being that it is excellent for those who want strength and size gains.

Why Use Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)

The most pronounced benefit of 

Dianabol Tablets

 is in its ability to increase fat free mass and it is for this reason it has been a staple in competitive bodybuilding for decades.

Those who do use these Oral Steroid Tablets will find increases of 20-30lbs to be very common place when diet and exercise are appropriate to meet such an end. And just like many other steroids, Dianabol can play a role in all sorts of different cyclces but its main will be a Bulking Cycle.

The Benefits of Dianabol

  • Increases Size, Strength and Performance
  • Increased Athleticism
  • Increases Fat Free Mass
  • Increases Nitrogen Retention

Best Use: 

Kick start your Steroid Cycle by incorporating a fast acting oral like Dbol or Anadrol and combine it with long acting injectables such as Deca Durabolin (or any type of Testosterone).

The reasoning here is that the oral Dianabol (in this case) will give almost immediate results, while the injectable takes time to kick in.

The Dianabol will produce results within the first week of your cycle. This Oral Steroid is great for strength and bulking those who want to cut should go for Winstrol.

For those who are on their first cycle or simply want to do a dianabol only cycle, make sure you have enough for 6-8 weeks. For advanced users, it is reccommended to take half a tab 3 times per day (or every 6-7 hours). beginners should lower the dosage to around 60mg per day to start.

Be sure to get some Liver Protection in also as Dianabol is quite toxic on the liver. Liver protection is avalable here.

Cycling with Dianabol

This Oral Steroid is very quick to act and takes 9 days to get into your system. The best way to take dbol is every 6-7 hours or three times a day as each tab only lasts this long.

Dianabol won’t necessarily make you big but it certainly will make you strong. Just remember with this cycle, the more you eat, the bigger you get.

Always make sure you have a good Testosterone to go with your 

Dianabol Steroids

 cycle. You might want to add Testosterone Cypionate or perhaps even Testosterone Enanthate to run alongside you dbol cycle.

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Buy Dianabol UK - 50mg - 50 Tablets - Oral Tablets for Sale by C4-Pharmaceuticals

Buy Dianabol UK - 50mg - 50 Tablets - Oral Tablets for Sale by C4-Pharmaceuticals

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